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Meet Your Expert Teachers

Everette Taylor

CEO of Kickstarter

Former CMO of Artsy, Everette is a creative entrepreneur who is passionate about art, supporting creators, and making creativity accessible to all.

Becky Center

CEO of Indiegogo

Becky previously served in executive roles for various tech companies and is excited to use that expertise to help creators turn their ideas into reality.

Mark Pecota

CEO of LaunchBoom

Mark has helped over a thousand creators launch and raise over $100M in crowdfunding campaigns. He is also author of #1 bestseller, CROWDFUNDED.

Kian Golzari

Product Sourcing Expert

Kian has personally sourced over 2,500 products across the world for some of the world’s leading brands including: NBA, Olympics, United Nations, and more.

Nicole Amato

Kickstarter Games Outreach Lead

Nicole has been in the games industry for 15 years and has been designing and developing games for a decade. They're also a writer, editor, and avid gamer.

Noah Kinsey

Customer Outreach, Jellop

Noah and the team at Jellop managed ads responsible for some of the largest raises on Kickstarter.

Victor Shiu

Creative Director, LaunchBoom

Victor has directed, produced and consulted hundreds of crowdfunding pages, videos, and pre-launch funnels that have raised over $100M in revenue.

Melissa Moran

Founder of SWINGLY

Melissa is a successful Kickstarter creator, ecommerce entrepreneur, and full-time mom with 20 years of product development experience.

Kevin Mako

Founder of Mako Designs

Kevin is the host of the Product Startup Podcast and has helped 1,000+ hardware startups go from idea to store shelves with award-winning success.

Ken Buras

CEO of IN2 International

For over 40 years, Ken has helped startups and Fortune 100 companies develop new products and establish manufacturing networks around the world.

Terry Arbaugh

VP of Sales, SEACOMP

Terry helps product innovators navigate the complex jungle of electronic hardware manufacturing, avoid painful pitfalls, and launch their products on time and on budget.

Etan Butler

Chair of Dalmore Group

Etan and his team at Dalmore are one of the top brokers for Reg A+ (equity crowdfunding) offerings. They’ve brokered over 250 offerings - including some of the most successful ones in history.

Tyler Lipchen

Senior Project Manager, Panda Games

Tyler is a tabletop designer himself and Senior Project Manager for Panda Game Manufacturing, the world’s leading manufacturer of hobby tabletop board games, card games, and role-playing games. .

Justin Renfro

Revenue Based Finance Lead, WeFunder

Justin Renfro is a leading expert in early-stage fundraising.He currently leads Revenue Based Financing at Wefunder, a new initiative designed as an alternative to banks and VCs.

Josh Amster

VP of Sales, StartEngine

Josh is the Vice President of Sales at StartEngine - the leading equity crowdfunding platform dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams with over $650M raised from over 1M investors.

Josh Burdick

Shipping Expert, Floship

Josh has helped hundreds of crowdfunding creators ship their products to over 190 countries using Floship.

Brandon Rollins

Fulfillment Expert, Fulflllrite

Brandon and the team at Fulfillrite have fulfilled and delivered over 3,200 Kickstarter campaigns on time.

Yvonne Li

BD Manager, PledgeBox

Yvonne and her team at PledgeBox have helped hundreds of creators successfully boost sales and deliver to thousands of backers through their top-of-the-line pledge manager.

Will Ford

President of LaunchBoom

Will is an American entrepreneur, crowdfunding expert, and strategic advisor who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and innovators succeed.

Justin Arakaki

Director of Crowdfunding, LaunchBoom

Justin helped develop LaunchBoom’s robust launch strategy and has been a part of every one of LaunchBoom’s crowdfunding launches since 2015.

Amy and Dusty Droz

Founders, Dux Somnium Games

Amy and Dusty are high school sweethearts turned tabletop creators who have raised over $1 Million through crowdfunding launches.

Kean Bartelman

Executive Creative Producer, Lemonlight

Kean leads Lemonlight's in-house Creative Team and overseeing the creative development and execution of all Scripted productions..

Soren Fuchs

Crowdfunding Expert, LaunchBoom

Soren has coached over 150 crowdfunding creators to successfully launch and raise thousands of dollars - including Tandem Shower which raised $774,113 on Kickstarter.

Hera Aurea

Crowdfunding Expert, LaunchBoom

Hera coaches hundreds of creators every month to turn their product idea into a reality. Her list of clients include Oculis Lodge which raised $1,222,286 on Indiegogo.

Cosma Zhang

BD Manager, PledgeBox

Cosma and her team at PledgeBox have helped hundreds of creators successfully boost sales and deliver to thousands of backers through their top-of-the-line pledge manager.

Alphonso Horton

CEO, Scale With Funding

Alphonso and his team at Scale with Funding help creators get access to the funding they need to launch and scale successfully.

Gareth Everard


Gareth is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of successes on Kickstarter and Indiegogo including several 6 and 7 figure launches.