Crowdfunded 2021
$100,000 Pitch

When: April 6th at 4pm PT

Where: Anywhere with Wifi

Do you have a great product idea, but need some help with turning it into reality?

Apply for the Crowdfunded Pitch Competition for the chance to compete for amazing prizes that will help you bring your product to life!


Do you have a great product idea, but need some help with turning it into reality?

Apply for the Crowdfunded Pitch Competition for the chance to compete for amazing prizes that will help you bring your product to life!

During this year’s CROWDFUNDED Summit you’ll have a chance to participate in a pitch contest and present your idea in front of a panel of crowdfunding experts. Sell them on why your product is the best thing since sliced bread and win over $100,000 in cash, goods, and services!

Apply for the
Pitch Competition

Current Prize Pool: $334,830

The full list of qualified participants will be announced one week before the Crowdfunded Summit 2021. We are still in the process of finalizing the rewards with our sponsors, so keep an eye on this page. More rewards coming soon!

$37,430 Value Premium eCommerce Success Pack

Full-access pass to unlimited access to ALL Bold apps (premium versions included) for an entire year. PLUS two 1-hour eCommerce consulting sessions with Bold co-founder. Awarded to the top 3 winners of the Pitch Competition.

$35,000 Value Rendering and Development Packagek

Free idea to rendering live sketching session. CAD development of a selected applicant's idea and rendering package of the concept. Creation of an RFQ (Request For Quote), and freeprototype and manufacturing quote.

$30,000 Value LaunchBoom Academy Lifetime Access for All Finalists

A four week, self-guided masterclass that will teach you how to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign yourself. You will also gain access to an exclusive group of Academy Students.

$30,000 Value Free Amazon Business Strategy Assessment + Access To TurnKey’s Amazon SOP Accelerators

Free Amazon business strategy assessment and access to TurnKey’s Amazon SOP accelerators for all finalists.

$25,000 Value Platinum Manufacturing Concierge Package

Up to 100 hours of 1:1 consultation – including Design for Manufacturing (DFM), packaging considerations and logistics management. 15% discount on all prototypes and production tooling required to manufacture the winner’s product.

$20,000 Value LaunchBoom Full TestBoom Program

LaunchBoom will take you through an entire TestBoom process. If you pass, LaunchBoom will partner with you and finance your launch. (Prize value does not include ad spend.)

$20,000 Value The Gadgetflow Ultimate Plan

First and second-place winners will recieve Gadgetflow's ultimate plan, which can expect eight to ten million impressions for their upcoming launch and two videos.

$20,000 Value $100,000 In No-Cost Funding

$100,000 in no-cost inventory funding. Kickfurther funds are available when you need to pay your suppliers, and you don’t need a purchase order or accounts receivable to access funding.

$20,000 Value $100,000 In No-Cost Funding

Free promotions throughout Indiegogo Channels. (Terms and Conditions Apply)

$18,000 Value Unlimited Team License

Unlimited team license for Aphrodite - the best in class crowdfunding + ecommerce analytics for 1 year

$15,000 Value LaunchBoom Full TestBoom Program

LaunchBoom will take you through an entire TestBoom process. If you pass LaunchBoom will partner with you and finance your launch.

$15,000 Value $15k b8ta TV Marketing Package

b8ta will create two pieces of original content featuring your product and showcase this content across their website and social platforms. Choose from a variety of content formats and make recommendations for key product features to include. After creating and distributing your videos, they will provide report summarizing reach and results.

$10,000 Value Masterclass with Kevin Harrington & Zig Ziglar

Get ready for an amazing experience as you join Kevin to unlock the sales secrets of the masters. At the heart of this experience are secrets from the master of sales masters, Zig Ziglar. Awarded to all five finalists.

$10,000 Value Intellectual Property Strategy and Protection Session

Interviews and investigation to identify and strategize intellectual property portfolio development with action items, milestones, and risk-factor analysis.

$5,500 Value Design For Manufacturing (DFM) Assessment

IN2 Innovation recommends that a Design For Manufacturing (DFM) assessment be performed on newly funded concept designs. The desired objective is to identify issues and design enhancements/modifications that can later be advanced into a product development program to produce a manufacturable solution for your product. This activity will be performed as a collaborative work session to be held online, with multiple IN2 team members.

$5,000 Value Coaching and Book Package

1 month of free one-on-one coaching with David Meltzer and all of his books.

$5,000 Value Discounted Fees to 6.5%

Discount on Wefunder's service helping you raise capital for your idea.

$5,000 Value Retail Prep Package

Geared for younger brands with limited retail exposure, this package focuses on creating a retail channel plan and getting the brands prepared to present to retail buyers. We look at every aspect of your retail marketing strategy, from POP displays to pricing, to retail packaging to in-store demonstrations, and much more and create a retail channel plan that you can work with.

$5,000 Value Complementary BackerKit Marketing Ad Spend

Drive pledges to your next campaign with BackerKit Marketing —a dvertising designed specifically for crowdfunding. Get paired with one of BackerKit's marketing experts and reach the most backers possible.

$3,900 Value Free Kickbooster Pledge Manager Activation

Set up your pledge manager and send surveys for free for the first 1,000 backers. Does not include add-ons and upgrades. (Pitch competition winners only.)

$3,000 Value Customized Amazon Audit & Strategic Launch Plan

Our account managers and advertising team will spend hours researching your brand and the space on Amazon and will hand you a customized playbook for Amazon success.

$3,000 Value Free Amazon Competitor Revenue Analysis

Free Amazon competitor revenue analysis to determine the revenue potential of your niche on Amazon.

$2,500 Value Guaranteed Kickbooster Promotion

Pitch Competition finalists will receive a guaranteed advertising placement on Kickbooster's Marketplace and email newsletter.

$2,500 Value $2,500 off the StartEngine Campaign Management Fee

Full design, buildout and creation of company’s campaign page with a dedicated Account Manager providing legal and accounting support through on-boarding. Also included are a dedicated Campaign Strategist consulting on crowdfunding marketing strategies and a Dedicated Customer Service Rep to assist on non-marketing related questions during the live offering phase.

$1,250 Value Affiliate Marketing Strategy Session

Each finalist will join Shelby for a free 1-on-1 strategy session to learn how they can use affiliate marketing to boost their campaign.

$1,000 Value Noissue Packaging Sponsored by Kickbooster

$500, $250, & $250's worth of Noissue packaging for the first, second, & third-place pitch competition winners.

$900 Value Graphic & Video Design Giveaway

One lucky winner will get one free month of NLC's graphic and video design plan, which includes all the graphics or videos NLC can create for you within those 30 days.

$750 Value Free Kickbooster Affiliate Marketing Product Subscription

Pitch competition finalists will be able to use our affiliate marketing product for free during their live campaign and InDemand campaign. Does not include commissions.

$100 Value Book Package

Copies of all of David Meltzer's books.


Must be looking to launch a crowdfunding campaign

Must be looking to launch a physical product

Must have a ticket to the Crowdfunded Summit 2021

Application Process

Fill out the application.

We will be selecting a number of semifinalists from our applicants.

Our semifinalists will be interviewed.

The semifinalists will be contacted for an interview with one of LaunchBoom’s Product Launch Specialists

5 finalists will be selected.

The finalists will present LIVE to thousands of viewers on April 6th at 4pm PT


Only companies looking to crowdfund will be considered

The event will be streamed live to thousands of people

Final event will be held on Wednesday, April 6th, 2021 at 4pm PT

5 finalists will each have 5 minutes to pitch and 3 minutes for Q&A

Application deadline is Thursday, March 30th at 11:59PM PT

Summit 2021 Pitch Competition Judges

Will Ford

President of LaunchBoom

Kevin Harrington

Co-Founder of Kevin Harrington Enterprises

Ken Buras

Co-owner & President of IN2 International

Dave Meltzer

Co-Founder of Sports One Marketing

Enzo Njoo

Director of Sales at Indiegogo

Apply for the
Pitch Competition