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Genuinely want their clients to succeed

Very few (maybe no other) teams can do what LaunchBoom does and they do it extremely well. They have a great system, experience and skill in preparing for and launching crowdfunding campaigns. And most importantly, they are honest and open and genuinely want their clients to succeed.


Dustin B.

Absolute best in the business

If you need a crowdfunding partner, these guys are the absolute best in the business. You won't find a better group of people to work with either. I was beyond impressed how they took my idea and turned it into a $1.7mm crowdfunding raise! If you are serious about bringing your idea to market, these guys will help you crush it.


Steve S.

LaunchBoom changed my life, seriously.

LaunchBoom changed my life, seriously. I completed their program and followed it. It is the most structured and complete system in the crowdfunding world - just follow it step by step, and you will get what you want. My project reached the goal in six hrs, and I raised nearly $100K.


Igor K.

LaunchBoom is a

Launchboom is a must-have for anyone considering crowdfunding their business or product. Our team and business wouldn't have stood a chance without them! We launched our first product with the help of LaunchBoom and obliterated our goal in about 30 minutes. This team goes above and beyond and should probably be charging ALOT more for their services.



Worth its weight
in gold

As a two-time Kickstarter creator, I really wish I would’ve known about LaunchBoom consulting a long time ago. LaunchBoom’s pre-launch strategy is by far worth its weight in gold. It would’ve saved me so much time and money.


Anibal M.

Proud to call them partners

The combination of energy, creativity, depth and hunger exhibited by the team at LaunchBoom is both rare and inspiring. We are grateful for the opportunity to work alongside such talent and are proud to call them partners on our journey as a crowdfunded company. Just be sure you're ready to give 100%...and don't forget to buckle up!


Bubba A.