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This is the main VIP hub page where you can find all the information and updates regarding Crowdfunded Summit and your exclusive VIP perks — including a link to our video portal. Keep it bookmarked so you can jump back here as Summit approaches!

Book a FREE 15-Minute Strategy Call

Want more personal support? Book a 15-minute strategy call with our host, LaunchBoom. You’ll learn how they can help you reach your campaign goals within your budget and get some quick tips as well. LaunchBoom has helped over 1,000 product creators raise over $100M - so you’re in good hands. Book your call here.
Crowdfunded Summit 2023

Login to the VIP Video Portal

Click here to login to our VIP Portal where you’ll be able to watch all our Summit recordings for a whole year! The recordings will be available one week after Summit ends. Your login credentials are the ones you created during the checkout process. Visit the video portal
Crowdfunded Summit 2023

Get Your Free Copy of CROWDFUNDED

Get Your Free Copy of CROWDFUNDED

Click this link to go directly to our shipping form. There, you can give us your shipping information so we can send you your free physical copy of CROWDFUNDED. Note, please use the same email you used to create your VIP account so we can cross-reference it. Click here to get your free book
Crowdfunded Summit 2023

Enter the $100k+ Pitch Competition

Have a great product, but need help launching it into a scalable business? Apply for our Crowdfunded Summit Pitch Competition. 5 finalists will be chosen to pitch their products to a panel of crowdfunding experts and win over $100,000 worth of prizes and services. Apply here If you just want to watch the fun, the competition will be available to view LIVE during the Summit @ 3pm PST on May 24th.
Crowdfunded Summit 2023

Plan the Ultimate Summit Experience

Our schedule is still in the works! For now, just keep May 24-26th 9am-4pm PST booked on your calendar. We’ll let you know when our schedule is finalized and will also update this section with a link when we have the schedule page ready. In the meantime, you can check out the schedule from our past summit for an idea on what to expect! Click here to see the schedule from the past Fall 2021 Summit.
Crowdfunded Summit 2023

Attend the Product Launch
Intensive & Bonus

When Summit begins, we’ll include a link here to give you access to the Product Launch Intensive, including your exclusive session “How to Raise $1,000,000 on Indiegogo” and additional bonus session with Indiegogo and Clearco. Don’t forget your login! You’ll need it to access the page. We’ll also email you the link so you don’t miss it. Coming soon
Crowdfunded Summit 2023

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Join our Facebook group! We have an open group for all Crowdfunded Summit attendees to network and collaborate with each other. Meet other product creators and crowdfunders just like you, share your experiences and let the ideas mingle! We’ll also be posting updates there so you can always stay up-to-date with the latest Summit news!

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