Become Crowdfunded Crowdfunded Summit 2020

The FREE digital crowdfunding summit packed with educational content, industry expert panels, and a $164,000 pitch competition.

The summit for launching products, raising millions, and scaling brands using crowdfunding.

The summit for launching products, raising millions, and scaling brands using crowdfunding.

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Two days full of LIVE content

Each day will be broken down into workshops, lectures, and panels covering a range of topics pertinent to helping entrepreneurs like you raise millions.

    • Macro Strategies on How to Hit Six and Seven Figures On Your Next Launch
    • A Crowdfunding COVID-19 Update
    • How to Use Secret Perks To Increase Conversion Rates
    • How Add-Ons Can Increase Average Order Value
    • How To Hit Your Goal Day One
    • How InDemand Can Help You Keep The Lights On
    • And Much Much More!
    • How to build amazing Amazon product pages that convert
    • Inventory management tips to keep you in stock and selling
    • Secret review hacks that 7 and 8 figure brands are using
    • PPC nuggets that will show you where to concentrate your ad spend and where to ignore
    • How COVID-19 is impacting Amazon sales
    • What most successful crowdfunding experts do once their campaign ends
    • Some common posts-campaign mistakes to avoid at all costs
    • Specific strategies used from successful crowdfunding creators
    • How a pledge manager can help keep you and your backers happy
    • The value of a backer survey, Indiegogo InDemand, and other pre-order stores
    • Why you should include Indiegogo InDemand in your marketing plan
    • Key InDemand features that will help you get the most out of your ad spend
    • How LaunchBoom uses InDemand to prepare for Ecommerce
    • How to attract more earned traffic
    • Perk strategies
    • How to validate your idea
    • How to protect your idea
    • How to successfully source your product
    • How to work with and validate a factory
    • The picture trick
    • How equity crowdfunding raises capital faster, markets your company better, and increases company sales.
    • How marketing is a key factor in any successful equity crowdfunding campaign and what you can do now to improve your marketing efforts later.
    • What things you should consider before raising with equity crowdfunding, such as compliance and regulations.
    • Conversion rate strategies
    • 12 real-life examples of LaunchBoom’s recent product launches that generated over $13.1 Million in revenue... (And how to use the same “TEST>LAUNCH>SCALE” framework for your product launch...)
    • 4 Biggest “Product Launch Mistakes”
    • New “RESERVATION FUNNEL” Case Study
    • PLUS: How to get started and what your first steps should be
    • What most crowdfunding experts do to prepare for a strong launch
    • Some common crowdfunding mistakes to avoid at all costs
    • How to hit your goal the first day
    • Specific strategies used by successful crowdfunding creators
    • How to get a great return on your pre-campaign ad-spend
    • How agencies can help you prepare and how to pick the right one
    • How Kickbooster's network can drive significant revenue
    • How Kickbooster can be used to get press
    • How much Kickbooster costs
    • How to use Kickbooster to mobilize your backers to get more sales
    • How six and seven-figure campaigns have used Kickbooster to see even more success
    • How to get out of the valley of death

Everything will be done live so you can ask questions, participate, and get the most out of every session.

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Speakers & Workshop Leaders

Our experts have built thriving brands, launched six and seven-figure crowdfunding campaigns, and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you make their dreams come true.

    • Will Ford

      President at LaunchBoom

      Stephen Ma

      Head of Crowdfunding at Easyship

      Tom Dadourian

      CMO at LaunchBoom

    • Scott Adamson

      Co-Founder at Kickbooster

      David Meltzer

      Co-Founder at Sports 1 Marketing

      Richard Hexter

      Digital Strategy Lead at Google Accelerated Growth Team

    • Nathan Resnick

      CEO of Sourcify

      Mark Pecota

      Best selling author of Crowdfunded, CEO at LaunchBoom

      Iddo Sternberg

      Co-founder at Jellop

    • Sara Zamora

      Lead Designer at LaunchBoom

      Kevin Liang

      Product Launch Specialist at LaunchBoom & Founder of Aqua Design Innovations

      Keegan Hasbrook

      Account Strategist at Google Customer Solutions

      Clint Donaldson

      Director of ScaleBoom at LaunchBoom

      Gil Shterzer

      Co-Founder at Jellop

      Joe Veloz Piperni

      Product Launch Specialist at LaunchBoom

      Justin Nahama

      Lawyer, Angel Investor

      Grace Pittner

      Partner Manager at Facebook

      Daniel Price

      CEO of Ioterra

    • Brandon Baker

      Ex-Senior Producer at The North Face & Director of Creative Operations at LaunchBoom

      Brad Enright

      Product Launch Director at LaunchBoom

      Jackson Wightman

      Minister of Propaganda, Proper Propaganda

      Josh Amster

      VP of Sales at StartEngine

      Spencer Knowlton

      Growth Strategist at LaunchBoom

      Anna Gallagher

      Account Manager at BackerKit

      Justin Arakaki

      Director of Crowdfunding at LaunchBoom

      Jeff Lieber

      CEO at Turnkey Product Management

      Dr. Kristin Kahle

      Founder at NavigateHCR, Author

    • Enzo Njoo

      Director of Sales at Indiegogo

      Evan Varsamis

      CEO at Gadget Flow

      Jake Wagner

      Senior Manager of InDemand at Indiegogo

      Chad Rogers

      Founder, CRO at Lemonlight Media

      Anders Loven-Holt

      Director of Digital Services at Indiegogo

      Yohan Jacob

      President at Retailbound, Inc

      Daniel deLaveaga

      Chief Operating Officer at Ioterra

      Adam Weiler

      Founder at Sunken Stone

      Patrick Soong

      CEO at Alliance Trading Group

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